7 Overvalued Blue-Chip Stocks That Are Not Tech Stocks

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I’ll archer you what is astir worrisome astir the banal marketplace astatine all-time highs with valuations present exceeding the dot-com bubble. It’s the information that mature, blue-chip stocks are presently mode overvalued.

Before we get further into the taxable of blue-chip stocks, let’s archetypal instrumentality a look astatine the wide authorities of the market:

  • The Shiller CAPE price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is astatine much than twice its humanities averages.
  • Margin indebtedness astatine brokerage firms is astatine all-time highs.
  • $5.3 trillion successful stimulus was fixed retired implicit the past 15 months, which won’t beryllium repeated. According to surveys, 40% of this went into the stocks.
  • The fig of unprofitable companies is astatine the highest level since 1999.
  • The devastating effect of ostentation connected consumers and companies is perchance forthcoming.
  • The price-to-sales (P/S) ratio for the S&P 500 is astatine an all-time high.
  • The market-capitalization-to-GDP ratio is astatine an all-time high.

We each cognize determination are stocks successful this bull marketplace that correspond ridiculously speculative concepts that are doomed to failure. Think Lemonade (NYSE:LMND) oregon Nikola (NASDAQ:NKLA). And past determination are existent businesses whose banal prices are grossly over-inflated. Thus, determination should beryllium precocious expectations for an disfigured divorcement betwixt concern occurrence and concern occurrence for a decade. Think Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA).

It’s not truthful overmuch the growth-oriented tech stocks that are bothersome, but what keeps maine up astatine nighttime is the valuations of blue-chip, established, mature companies. Growth-stock bull markets travel and spell with crazed valuations, but wherefore are we paying truthful overmuch for immoderate of the astir fabled and established businesses successful the world?

That’s what bothers me.

Let’s look astatine immoderate of these overvalued blue-chip companies:

  • McDonalds (NYSE:MCD)
  • Clorox (NYSE:CLX)
  • Visa (NYSE:V)
  • Target (NYSE:TGT)
  • Equifax (NYSE:EFX)
  • Automatic Data Processing (NASDAQ:ADP)
  • Cintas (NASDAQ:CTAS)

Overvalued Blue-Chip Stocks: McDonalds (MCD)

The past and maturation of McDonalds implicit the 20th century is 1 of the great concern stories successful American history. From 1 store successful 1948 to 39,000 restaurants contiguous successful implicit 100 countries, McDonalds was the eventual maturation stock. But arsenic mentioned before, each growth stocks mature. And with 13,700 units successful the U.S., portion maturation has travel to a grinding halt and is present shrinking.

U.S. comp income are expected to beryllium up 9% successful 2021, compared to pre-Covid-19 maturation of 5%. After this rebound year, comp income should instrumentality to the debased double-digit range.

MCD banal trades astatine 28x 2021 statement net per stock (EPS) estimates compared to long-time humanities P/E ratios that averaged successful the mid-teens range. Success astatine cardinal investing is derived by some aggregate enlargement and net growth. There volition beryllium small if immoderate aggregate enlargement for MCD stock. We volition astir surely spot a contraction erstwhile the marketplace turns sour.

MCD’s upside is constricted to apt mid-single-digit growth, truthful it whitethorn beryllium amended to hold for an introduction constituent that offers some aggregate enlargement and net growth.

Clorox (CLX )

Since 1913, the Clorox vessel has been a household staple successful practically each location successful America. However, astir each user products manufacturers are mature businesses. Clorox averaged 2% gross maturation from 2014 to 2019. Furthermore, semipermanent expectations post-Covid-19 are to ramp that up to 3% to 4%.

The double-digit maturation successful 2020 was, of course, owed to pandemic-led purchases of cleaning supplies. We didn’t cognize astatine the clip that aboveground transmission of Covid-19 was highly rare. As a result, Clorox was capable to get a one-time boost from the unclear subject astatine the clip arsenic radical astir the satellite excessively cleaned their homes and businesses.

CLX banal has retreated astir 23% from its highs past summer, but it inactive trades astatine 23x 2022 normalized earnings. Clorox’s 14x EV/EBITDA ratio for 2021 should beryllium reserved for maturation tech stocks demonstrating sustainable semipermanent double-digit growth.

The company’s 2.43% dividend output won’t assistance erstwhile multiples retreat to humanities levels. Now the marketplace has to set to the world of Clorox being conscionable different mature user products company.

Overvalued Blue-Chip Stocks: Visa (V)

Since going nationalist successful 2008, Visa has achieved coagulated large-cap maturation presumption with a full instrumentality of astir 1,372%. The famed planetary payments institution with 1 of the astir recognized marque names connected world operates an asset-light, debased capex concern model.

Double-digit maturation has been the norm for Visa for overmuch of its beingness arsenic a nationalist institution and has traded astatine P/E multiples successful the debased 20s. However, contiguous V banal trades astatine an astounding 43x 2021 estimated EPS.

At this level, stock buybacks volition destruct shareholder capital, arsenic aggregate expansions from these levels are highly unlikely. Unless we get 10 consecutive years of precise beardown planetary economical growth, valuation ratios for Visa are lone going 1 absorption — down.

Target (TGT)

Source: jejim / Shutterstock.comI covered Target successful item successful my article past week. The institution had fantastic results successful 2020 arsenic a effect of indispensable concern arsenic good arsenic a thriving online conception driven by lockdowns. Comp income accrued an astonishing 19.3% past year, driven by integer and omni-channel offerings. This compares to the erstwhile 2 years of yearly comp growth, which were 3.4% and 5%.

However the banal trades arsenic 24x 2021 estimation EPS, arsenic investors seemingly deliberation that benignant of 2020 maturation tin continue. But however does 1 warrant these valuations for a ample retail manufacture subordinate that volition apt turn astatine GDP rates positive a fewer points if they execute precise well? Target’s online concern tin turn astatine beardown double-digit rates for rather immoderate time, but astatine immoderate constituent their carnal stores are astatine hazard of being stranded assets.

Even much disturbing is the company’s connection that astatine the extremity of FY 2020, determination was $4.5 cardinal disposable connected their stock repurchase program. Buying backmost shares astatine extraordinarily precocious valuations with the banal terms adjacent all-time highs is simply a surefire mode to destruct shareholder worth and discarded the company’s ain capital.

It’s harmless to accidental thing has truly changed, and we tin expect the marketplace to set TGT banal to its due lasting successful the mature retail world.

Overvalued Blue-Chip Stocks: Equifax (EFX)

Equifax whitethorn not beryllium a communal sanction to banal traders, but it’s surely a household sanction to consumers who person had immoderate signifier of recognition successful their lives. EFX is 1 of the large 3 credit-reporting bureaus, the others being Trans-Union (NYSE:TRU) and Experian (OTCMKTS:EXPGF).

EFX has benefited from the explosive existent property and refinancing marketplace arsenic artificially suppressed involvement rates by the authorities has led to a existent property roar that whitethorn eclipse 2006 and 2007. Revenues grew 18% successful 2020 and 27% successful Q1 2021. Keep successful mind, this is simply a institution that grows astatine GDP levels and is heavy tied to economical activity. Revenues grew 2.8% successful 2019 and 1.5% successful 2018.

Equifax is simply a well-managed and innovative institution that suffered 1 large ungraded successful 2017 arsenic hackers breached into 143 cardinal consumers’ backstage data. The institution yet recovered and restored its damaged reputation.

As it stands today, Equifax is inactive a large institution that should acquisition semipermanent maturation astatine GDP rates going forward, excluding the forthcoming existent property bust. Furthermore, it is present valued astatine 33x 2021 EPS and 27x 2022 EPS. Come on!

Equifax is 1 of my favorites companies I’ve had the pleasance of knowing successful my 25-year career. But travel on!

Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

A long-time maturation and dividend achiever, ADP has been successfully rewarding investors since the 1980s. As the largest payroll processor and supplier of different quality superior absorption solutions, ADP is simply a cash-flow instrumentality with a sticky, low-turnover concern model.

ADP is mostly a cyclical institution arsenic its maturation is typically tied to payroll maturation and unemployment levels. The institution took a large deed successful the archetypal 2020 Covid-19 crash. ADP banal plummeted implicit 40% arsenic unemployment skyrocketed successful aboriginal 2020. It has since recovered, but wherefore is it trading astatine 31x FY 2021 estimated EPS and 28x FY 2022 estimated EPS? That is importantly supra its humanities P/E trading ranges.

For a debased to mid single-digit grower for some revenues and EPS, ADP valuation rations are utmost and not sustainable.

Overvalued Blue-Chip Stocks: Cintas (CTAS)

While investors often get overly obsessed with technology, innovation and disruption, that’s the not the lone mode to marque wealth successful the banal market.

Providing and cleaning uniforms arsenic good arsenic cleaning supplies to a precise ample chunk of businesses successful America has proven to beryllium a palmy look for Cintas. Had you bought CTAS astatine astir $5 per stock successful 1990 and sold it contiguous astatine $350, your full yearly summation would person been — clasp on, fto maine bash the numbers — a ginormous instrumentality connected your investment. But let’s accidental idiosyncratic said you should put successful this blistery machine exertion company, oregon a cleaning and azygous institution — which would you person chosen?

Cintas is besides a cyclical institution tied to economical activity, mostly successful North America. CTAS banal suffered a large 2020 driblet arsenic restaurants and retail businesses unopen down during the pandemic lockdowns.

But today, CTAS trades astatine 35x 2021 EPS estimates and 34x 2022 EPS estimates. It’s EV/EBITDA ratio is astir 24x. The benignant of maturation metrics required for valuations similar that simply don’t beryllium astatine Cintas.

As with Equifax, Cintas is 1 of my favourite companies of each time. But travel on! Let’s beryllium real.

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