Inflation Is Killing SolarEdge Technologies. But Buy SEDG Stock Anyway.

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What Happened to the SolarEdge Technologies Stock Price Today?

  • Shares of starring star institution SolarEdge Technologies (NASDAQ:SEDG) dropped sharply successful aboriginal May, with SEDG banal shedding much than 15% successful a azygous time aft the institution reported first-quarter numbers that were rather good.
  • The problem? SolarEdge is guiding for ostentation to whack the company’s nett margins successful the 2nd 4th of 2021.

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SEDG Earnings: The Fine Print

  • SolarEdge’s first-quarter numbers were precise good.
  • Across the board, the institution grew nicely successful the quarter, continuing what has been a multi-quarter rebound from a trough successful star installation enactment successful 2Q20.
  • The fig of optimizers the institution shipped successful the 4th grew 3% sequentially. Inverter measurement grew 10%. Megawatts of star deployed grew 24%. Revenues roseate 13%. Gross margins expanded 400 ground points.
  • But SolarEdge said that ostentation volition wounded the institution successful Q2.
  • Specifically, absorption said that higher prices for alloy and aluminum, arsenic good arsenic elevated freight costs, volition measurement connected nett margins going forward. Management is guiding for 2Q20 gross margins of 33%, down sequentially and level year-over-year.
  • The quality follows akin calls of inflation-induced borderline pressures from peers Enphase Energy (NASDAQ:ENPH) and Maxeon Solar (NASDAQ:MAXN).
  • SEDG banal dropped sharply successful response.

How It Affects SEDG Stock Holders

  • There terms pressures are ephemeral. They volition pass. Aluminum and alloy accumulation volition ramp successful the coming months, and assistance hole proviso shortages successful that market. Meanwhile, company-enforced mobility restrictions volition easiness successful the coming months, too, and freight costs volition fall.
  • Demand for SolarEdge’s cutting-edge optimizers and inverters volition not wane anytime soon. Instead, it volition lone accelerate arsenic falling costs, expanding authorities enactment and improving exertion spark a immense displacement successful user request toward solar.
  • In different words, the bully worldly present volition last, and the atrocious worldly won’t.
  • Bottom Line: We would beryllium buyers of SEDG banal connected this dip.

SEDG Stock Price Forecast

  • The gross overreaction successful SEDG banal to near-term ostentation pressures is creating an opportunity.
  • We judge SolarEdge banal is worthy person to $350 today, based connected the company’s promising semipermanent maturation potential.
  • We afloat expect shares to bounce backmost supra $300 by the extremity of the year. A tally towards $400 could beryllium successful the cards erstwhile ostentation pressures subside.

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On the day of publication, Luke Lango did not person (either straight oregon indirectly) immoderate positions successful the securities mentioned successful this article.

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