Why Senseonics Is An Intriguing Speculative Buy At These Levels

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There’s a spot successful astir portfolios for tiny speculative positions. In this regard, I deliberation investors whitethorn privation to consider Senseonics Holdings (NYSEAMERICAN:SENS) and SENS banal astatine these levels.

Senseonics is simply a aesculapian exertion institution focused connected providing implantable glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for those with diabetes. The company’s made immoderate awesome advancement connected its commercialization of these devices, and appears acceptable to people a multi-billion dollar (and growing) accidental successful the diabetes space. In particular, Senseonics Eversense XL merchandise is what astir investors person their oculus connected close now.

These devices haven’t lone received a batch of attraction from investors. Ascensia, a ample Swiss-based diabetes-focused CGM subordinate has backed Senseonics. In summation to raising superior via convertible debt via this Ascensia partnership, the 2 companies person embarked connected a ngo to bring Senseonics’ halfway products to market.

This high-profile backer has provided important validation to investors connected the obstruction with SENS stock. Additionally, investors tin commencement to spot a way guardant to semipermanent maturation and eventual profitability, if this collaboration yields fruit.

Here’s wherefore I deliberation this is simply a large deal, and wherefore Senseonics represents an intriguing speculative prime today.

Commercialization is Key for Investors successful SENS Stock

As an early-stage aesculapian instrumentality company, Senseonics doesn’t person a batch of gross to amusement for its efforts. Over the past 12 months, the company’s brought successful little than $5 million successful revenue.

However, this banal has garnered capable excitement to warrant a $850 cardinal marketplace capitalization. Accordingly, thing indispensable beryllium up for investors to beryllium consenting to enactment their wealth to enactment successful SENS banal astatine these levels.

In aboriginal February, Senseonics announced the initiation of European commercialization activities for its CGM system. In concern with Ascensia Diabetes Care, the company’s looking to bring its 90-day and 180-day CGM products to marketplace successful Europe.

The company’s anticipation is that these semipermanent solutions volition beryllium well-absorbed successful Europe. Ascensia has had tremendous occurrence successful selling its Contour CGM products successful Europe, and Senseonics is hopeful this concern volition output fruit. Currently, the scope of this statement is constricted to Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Switzerland.

Ascensia is speedy to enactment that its Eversense merchandise enactment is the lone FDA-approved semipermanent CGM merchandise successful the U.S. Accordingly, there’s a tremendous accidental should further commercialization efforts instrumentality hold.

Market Opportunity Is Significant

As mentioned, the information that the Eversense merchandise is approved successful the U.S. and is opening commercialization efforts successful the U.S. and Europe is important.

These markets are 2 of the Crown Jewels successful the planetary diabetes instrumentality market. According to caller estimates, this marketplace could scope $4.3 cardinal by 2025. Sales are expected to turn astatine a important CAGR of much than 16% a year. This would construe into an approximate doubling of gross each 5 years, if this maturation complaint persists implicit the long-term.

Indeed, if Senseonics tin drawback a ample capable portion of this market, the company’s near-billion-dollar valuation could marque sense. Not lone that, it could beryllium cheap, depending connected however good Senseonics markets and commercializes its products.


Senseonics’ unsocial accidental successful the U.S. is 1 that deserves the attraction SENS banal has gotten from investors frankincense far.

This banal is surely not cheap, and investors are taking a leap of religion of sorts with Senseonics astatine this level. Execution hazard remains precocious with SENS stock, and the institution volition request to proceed to amusement results from its commercialization efforts earlier we spot this banal instrumentality off.

That said, there’s surely a ton of country for optimism with this tiny headdress play. For those consenting to propulsion a fewer speculative dollars astatine a lottery ticket-like play, SENS banal isn’t a atrocious pick.

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